Health/Wellness, Nerds Rule!!, Technology & Science — May 8, 2012 at 3:53 pm

Awesome Geek Fitness Accessory Alert! Scosche’s iPad holder for your cardio machine


So you got a new iPad, Kindle Fire, Kobo Reader, tablet and you’re spending every waking, free moment using it?

Awesome.  But you’re worried you’re turning into a sofa root vegetable. 🙁  Worry no more!

Scosche has a super-cool tablet holder for your cardio machine, so you can walk [slowly, no more than 0.7 mph is ideal for concentration and movement] and read, play video games, use all your cool apps and get fit!

The clever endocrinologist, Dr. James Levine at The Mayo Clinic did some research on using a treadmill as workstation – instead of sitting at a desk, walk on a treadmill slowly and do all the same tasks, thereby incorporating gentle exercise into a sedentary lifestyle.  His research showed that using the treadmill desk for 1 hour, sweat-free, equals about 100-130 calories burned.  His research work was done on a treadmill desk, but I think the tablet holder is a cool alternative.

[Photo: employees at Mutual of Omaha have walk stations, instead of seated desks. Credit: NY Times]


For those of you who are handy, click on this link and you can make a treadmill desk for $39.00 and have an entire workstation, there are also ready-made treadmill desks to be had that can retail for up to $500, but in our house, we’ve been using the Scosche iPad holder and finding it equally as useful.  It retails for $49.99USD, not a bad price and if you have NetFlix or Hulu, you could watch all your TV shows and movies on your tablet as well!