DisC, Performing Arts, The Originals — May 9, 2012 at 5:56 pm

Fill In The Blank: What Makes You Different, Makes You ________. [Daredevil Edition]


[Photo AP: Swiss highwire acrobat Freddy Nock walks along a 2-inch wide cable car wire more than 10,000 feet above the ground – without a balancing pole, harness or safety net]


We believe that ‘what makes you different, makes you cool’, but we’re at a loss for words on this one, so we’re looking for help in understanding…hence the title of this blog post.

The 46 year old gentleman you see in the above photo is Swiss acrobat Freddy Nock – he specializes in highwire walking – and in an hour and 20 minutes he walked 3,000 feet along a two inch thick cable without a balancing pole, harness or safety net, to the top of the 10,000 foot high Zugspitze mountain in Southern Bavaria.

Freddy hopes to raise money for Unicef and he plans to submit the stunt to the Guinness World Book of Records as a new record for “longest and highest wire walk above sea level without a balancing pole.” Right, well done, Freddy.

But we have to ask, is this not a risk too far?  Is it not a bit reckless, both to himself and the mountain rescue team that would have to assist him if he fell? Or are we over thinking this one?  After all, we read this news report with great interest – who doesn’t love a daredevil story?  Remember Evil Knievel?


So, we come back to “what makes you different, makes you ___________.”  In this case, while I recover from vertigo watching the video, I’m going to fill in the blank with: Freddy.