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Meme Time: Gold Medal Olympian Mo Farah Running Away From Things


GB Olympian Mo Farah with his two gold medals for distance running.

There were so many memorable moments in the recent London Summer Olympics.  Surely, Great Britain’s distance runner, Mo Farah, winning two gold medals was high up on the list.  His expression of disbelief, coupled with joy, as he crossed the finish lines made for Olympic-caliber photos.  Mo’s finish-line expression was happiness incarnate.  Or, was it????….

Mo Farah wins gold in the 5000m men’s race. Is he happy???

A hilarious meme Tumbler page has been created to suggest that Mo may have looked a bit frightened, as he won his golds.  Proving once again, that people on the internet are awesome.

For your viewing pleasure, we give you: “Mo Farah Running Away From Things.”

Here are a few of our favourites:


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