Pharrell Williams & Daniel Lanois in the sonic laboratory


When multi-Grammy winning music producer Pharrell Williams wanted to interview a multi-Grammy winning music producer about the process of sonics, who did he go to?

Who else but our own Founding Patron of Cool, the wizard of sonics, the man Rolling Stone magazine called “The most important record producer to emerge in the 80′s”, super-producer Daniel Lanois.

Pharrell has a very cool YouTube series on Reserve Channel titled ARTST TLK, in which he interviews leaders in various artistic fields about their processes.

In this episode, he visited Daniel Lanois at his studio in Silver Lake, California to probe Daniel’s mind about creativity and the process of producing some of the most iconic sounds in contemporary music.

If you have any interest in peeking behind the sonic wizard’s curtain, this interview is a must-see.  Pharrell is clearly a fan and in awe of Daniel’s experience and gifts.

Among the many pearls in this piece is Daniel’s explanation of his “beat orphanage” and calling his studio his “laboratory.”