DisC Book Recommendation: “I Am Jack” an anti-bullying young reader fiction story



[Cover art for “I Am Jack”]


Susanne Gervay is an Australian author whose young son was being bullied in school – she was understandably concerned and she wanted to do something about it.

In her own words:

I couldn’t believe my son was bullied at school
He’s a great kid like other kids
i’m busy – feel rotten about that
I didn’t know.
JACK won against bullying
It was hard 
He said I could write I AM JACK

So she wrote a younger fiction book I Am Jack. It’s a rite-of-passage story about school bullying  – it’s a great read for both adults and children.



It has been adapted into a play by the award winning Monkey Baa Theatre for Young People in Sydney, Australia.

Here’s a clip:

I Am Jack is available for purchase worldwide through amazon.com – either in print or electronic editions.