In Which Daniel Lanois muses on How Music Moves Us & We Go To Music Church with Brady Blade Sr.


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Poster for 2012 Greenbelt Harvest Picnic-feat. Feist, Dan Lanois, Emmylou Harris & more.

At Different Is Cool, we have been blessed with the most gracious, generous “Patrons of Cool” [Margaret Atwood, Daniel Lanois, Nikki Sixx].  These living legends embody our core values of embracing one’s unique talents, working hard and valuing critical thought over blind acceptance of ideologies.  And they’re ridiculously cool, obviously.

One of our Patrons, music legend Daniel Lanois [read about him here], recently sat down with us at his stunning and serene Toronto music studio [a converted Buddhist Temple!] to discuss, amongst other things, his upcoming outdoor music festival, The Greenbelt Harvest Picnic, Saturday, September 1st, in Dundas, Ontario. [This outdoor celebration of local farming, family and music is a must-attend – it was the best thing my family attended all last summer. :) Here’s how you can purchase tickets.]

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Dan Lanois & Emmylou Harris perform at 2011 Greenbelt Harvest Picnic.

Dan’s generosity of spirit provided us with so many pearls of wisdom and sonic treasures, that we have to break it down into smaller pieces, just to digest the awesomeness.

Today, we feature Dan musing on how music moves us and acts as an “emotional phase canceler” [coolest term of the year].

Speaking of how music can move us and act as “an emotional phase canceler”, Dan talks about bringing the booming gospel force Rev. Brady Blade Sr. to this year’s Greenbelt Harvest Picnic:

As a preview of this Saturday’s festival, this clip features Rev. Brady Blade Sr. “takin’ us to church” – with his son Brian Blade on drums and Dan Lanois on guitar and backing vocals.

Children, you’re gonna believe…

Note: As I write this piece, Hurricane Isaac is bearing down on New Orleans with all its fury, 7 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area.  May all be safe. God Bless Louisiana.

P.S.  Stay tuned this week for more of Dan’s musings and music. Check-out the anthology of Daniel’s work below … and Oh, we’re going to be giving away autographed swag!  Because we love you. :)