In Which Nikki Sixx Waxes Wise on Lyrics, Love & Legalization



The Good Book.

Recently, I sat down with my wise, dear friend, and Different Is Cool “Patron of Cool”, the dark prince of rock, Nikki Sixx.

We talked about a lot of things, as friends do, and I decided to ask him to talk about something we rarely discuss – his Motley Crue lyrics.  I’m a fan of Nikki’s music and thoroughly enjoyed gaining some insight into his work. I’d like to share with you Nikki’s musings on some of the most famous [and infamous] lyrics in rock and roll.

I hope you enjoy and I welcome your commentary below on what you’d like to read about Nikki in the future.  \m/ ~Katrina

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memorial day

The obligatory shot of Nikki giving me the finger.


KW: “your heart’s like an open book for the whole world to see”:
As a celebrity, you are always 100% honest about your life – that’s unusual in this day of publicists controlling artists’ messages.  So, tell us, what’s the current state of your heart?


NSX: My heart is the fullest its been so far in my life.  I am very fortunate to have 4 wonderfully different,unique and hilarious kids who keep me on my toes 24-7.  All i ever wanted to be was a GREAT father but what i didn’t know going into it was that they were  going to be the teachers and I was gonna be the student.  I’ve learned more about myself, life and love through them than all my life experiences put together so far.

 Two years ago I met my beautiful fiancée Courtney and it just seemed like everything in life clicked right away.  I am obviously head over ( Converse ) in love with her for a million personal reasons and she is everything I ever wanted, but she also is a great source of solidity.  
I look out at the crowd every night and can’t believe they are still with us after 30 years.  Mick,Vince myself and Tommy did it against the odds and we’re still together..

Court black n white Chile

One of the loves of Nikki’s life, waiting to dine with him: Courtney Bingham. Photo: Nikki Sixx.


KW: “Welcome To The Numb” “I don’t wanna be any part of your stupid mother fucker machine; do what ya wanna do, kill if ya gotta kill, ’cause I just don’t believe your point of view”: Is that political?  As an artist who was threatened with censorship in the 80′s [Tipper Gore’s “explicit lyrics” labelling, etc], what are your thoughts on the current political landscape-is there more, or less, tolerance now than 30 years ago?


NSX: It was a frustrating time dealing with a record company full of followers and not leaders.  It was a war over our music and they lost.  Along the way many venomous things needed to be said and these lyrics reflected those times.



Speak No Evil. Photo: Nikki Sixx.


KW: “And to think, we did all of this to rock” Kickstart My Heart is about your addiction – are drugs & alcohol the price of admittance to the world of rock and roll?

NSX: I think the drugs and alcohol are a farce.  A bum ticket to an over hyped circus adventure that always ends in sorrow.  I am not YOUR dad but I will say “Dont Do drugs”.  They dont make you different or cool they make you stupid and eventually DEAD.

Photo 21

Don’t Do Drugs.

*Fan Twitter Questions*

From @MrsMad30:  What are your thoughts on [decriminalizing] marijuana?

NSX: I am torn on this one.  I dont want my kids doing drugs so why would I want your kids or you to do them? But then I have to ask, is alcohol more of a drug than marijuana?  I do think the government needs to step in and bear all its weight on synthetic marijuana asap though.  Kids are dropping like flies from this and drugs like bath salts, etc…


Photo 22

Nikki reviews fan twitter questions.


From @JodieJodeena: Is there another book on the horizon?  If so, what’s the subject matter?

NSX: I am born to write books. I will be finishing the projects I am working on now, but with so much on my plate they wont be ready for a while…time is my biggest enemy.

From Syndicharli6:  What’s your biggest inspiration?

NSX: My family and the people I love.  I do it all for them…
Nikki and I dedicate this interview to Tom.  A goddamn straight arrow.


Tom. Photo: Nikki Sixx.