Music, Nerds Rule!!, Technology & Science — May 9, 2012 at 12:22 pm

Nerd Gift We Love – LunaTik watch for iPod Nano


[The CMYK TikTok watch strap turns your iPod Nano into a very cool watch.]


So, you’ve upgraded your Apple products – you own a an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or other cool new device – what do you do with your old iPod Nano?

Turn it into a very cool watch of course!  The smart nerds at LunaTik have created this very well-priced [40$] group of watch straps to slip your Nano into, making what I thought was my not-so-useful old Nano useful once again!

The price point is great – $40.00.

I personally love the wacky colour-blocked selection, reminds me of the Swatches of my misspent youth – but there are also very chic black and silver bands.  And yes, I can still plug in my headphones, if I want to use it as an iPod. 🙂

GREAT holiday gift!