Sonic Soul Treat: Daniel Lanois Live In Session at West 54th



Daniel Lanois performs at DISC’s 2011 Gateway to Bohemia event.

There is a reason U2′s Bono calls Daniel Lanois the best musician he’s ever come across…his unique strumming style, fuzz and masterful whammy experimentation is unsurpassed in popular music.

Through observation, I can say that Daniel doesn’t create music; music flows through Daniel, from the everywhere; so sit back, close your eyes and let the Master of Pitch Bend flow it through you too.

BTW, if you have a pair of really good headphones [we recommend Sennheiser HD 700’s], put them on…you’ll really vibrate with the groove.

Oh, and if you are so inclined to view a few exclusive interviews of Danny, we have a small library of such things with him on our YouTube Channel.