This Is Gonna Hurt ~ A Different Is Cool “InnerView” with Nikki Sixx


[Photo courtesy of Nikki Sixx]

A bit about Different Is Cool InnerViews: At Different Is Cool, it is our dream to eradicate prejudice through the celebration & exultation of being different.  We laud people who embrace their individuality, making different cool.

An InnerView is not about what a person does, but who they are, through their thoughts, wishes, aspirations, values and experiences.  We find that when people talk about who they are, not just what they do, they find their commonalities, break down barriers to understanding and appreciate each other more.  It’s a virtual group hug.


About this InnerView with Mr. Nikki Sixx:  A part of DisC’s objective is to grow our compassion, by seeing the good in everyone – so when I asked my dear friend to allow me to interview him, I wanted the reader to know how Nikki views himself, and how I, a person who loves him [he’s my brother-from-another-mother] views him.

And so this two-person InnerView was born.  Nikki has answered the questions himself and I have included my observations about him on some of the same questions.  I’ve also included a few personal photos, to illustrate my points. 🙂

We will be posting more InnerViews in the future, including asking you [with a friend] to do this exercise and share your insights.  Stay tuned and read on!

Be warned: some of the language in this piece is saucy.  Very saucy.  Please don’t complain to us – we are a censorship-free zone [excepting hate language & spam pornography] and believe in freedom of speech and recording verbatim.  🙂


ABOUT NIKKI SIXX [from Wikipedia]

Nikki Sixx (born December 11, 1958) is an American musician, songwriter, author, fashion designer, radio host, and photographer, best known as the co-founder and bassist of the hard rock band Motlëy Crüe.

Read the full bio here:



PART I [questions excerpted from the Proust Questionnaire]

Note: Nikki’s answers are in red.  My observations are in blue.


Q: What is your most marked characteristic?

N.S: My hair.

K.W.: [The first thing I noticed about Nikki years ago, and has been a constant ever since, is his 100% honesty. And how genuinely kind he is. To everyone, but especially his fans. And then his hair.]

[Photo: This is Nikki backstage after a Motley show. You’d never know he’s exhausted & injured. He spoke to EVERY ONE of the fans in his dressing room & made each of them feel so special. Always does.]


Q. What is your principle defect?

N.S: I overextend myself.

K.W: [He doesn’t always trust his instincts. But he’s getting better at that. :)]


Q.: What is your idea of earthly happiness?

N.S: Not doing interviews.

K.W.: [Nikki is funny. Really, really funny. He is one of the few people who can make me laugh out loud.]


Q.: What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

N.S: Watching Miss America disclose how she’s going to save the world. 

K.W: [Nikki has no time for false prophets.]

Q.: What is the quality you most admire in a man?

N.S.: His cock.

K.W.: [Nikki is a provocateur by nature. He relishes shocked responses. Get ready to cue your next gasp.]


Q.: What is the quality you most admire in a woman?

N.S: My cock.

K.W: [He would love to see your face right now.]


Q.: Who are your favorite real life heroes?

N.S: Geraldo, John Wayne Gacy, and Bozo the Clown.  (Or are they all the same thing?) 

K.W [Nikki is irreverent. And kind of obsessed with serial killers.]


Q.: What historical figure do you most despise?

N.S: I don’t know.  I flunked history.

K.W: [He may have flunked history, but he knows a lot about the history of rock music. He’s kind of a savant about it.]


Q.: What is your present state of mind?

N.S: Simultaneously at one with God & Satan.

K.W: [I obviously can’t comment on his state of mind, but I do know his mind is a beautiful, dangerous place.]


Q.: How would you like to die?

N.S: Old.

K.W: [I hope so too. I want to see what kind of Grandpa he’ll be.]



Nikki read the following words and wrote the first word that popped into his head [his answers in red]:

  1. PROVOCATIVE –  Dental Floss
  2. CENSORSHIP – Larry Flynt
  3. FATHER – Strength

[Photo: Taking the family to the fair. He is a Father first.]



Nikki’s answers are in red:


From Dana:  …. I love how you have found & captured life & beauty in places most people can not….I know a majority of this project [TIGH book & album] was fueled by the loss of your sister, Lisa.  You have two daughters, and I was wondering if they also inspired you to get this message out? Absolutely. The main one being that magazines like PEOPLE and their top 100 most beautiful people list shouldn’t be setting a standard that’s downloaded into my daughters brains.


From Alec:  I’m glad that someone with the amount of influence & talent you have is doing something to raise awareness about what really matters, especially in this time where superficiality seems to dominate the media & our society. What exactly inspired you to create this project, with the [different is beautiful] thing?… – I think it started with my photography and unraveled from there.


From Barbara: …I’d like to know how you chose the photos that went into the book – it must have been hard to choose from the hundreds/thousands you have taken… – It was really hard and as satisfied as I am with the book I feel somewhat frustrated that I wasn’t able to show the hundreds/thousands of images that I’ve captured.


[Nikki loves to have fun. And give me the finger.]


And now, let’s rock! [And maybe learn a really important message.]


Nikki Sixx’s new memoir/photography book This Is Gonna Hurt and the accompanying album by his band Sixx:A.M. are in stores now. Nikki will be touring this summer with his band Motley Crue & KISS [tour dates: The Tour.] Listen to Nikki’s syndicated radio show, Sixx Sense. For details: