When Apps That Are Awesome Become Awesomer: Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews


Yelp is an awesome app, right? – real people around the globe, rating and reviewing all manner of restaurants, shops & spas in passionate detail.  Reviewers take their Yelping very seriously – I use Yelp a lot and am often amused by the super-descriptive reviews – some of them are like mini-novellas: emotive with an actual story arc and sometimes, sad endings.

Yelpers take their reviewing seriously.

Well, Yelp just became more awesome as Joe Plummer’s YouTube channel  has started posting theatrical readings of real Yelp reviews by real actors.

“Good Wife” actor Chris Kipiniak’s dramatic reading of a review of a New Jersey crab joint is a roller coaster of emotions.  Get the tissues ready, it’s not a happy ending: “I don’t think I’ll be eating there anymore.”  A tragedy of Shakespearian proportions.

Actor Chris Kipiniak showing how moved he is by a Yelp review.



But all is not lost in the world of dramatic Yelp readings: there is Therese Plummer’s joyous rendition of a Yelp review of an especially spicy Indian restaurant.  I think it’s a happy ending, but you can  judge that for yourself:


These should totally be embedded into Yelp, yes?

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  1. Yet another very moving Yelp review – dramatically read by thespian Brian O’Neill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2kkISYgM4U&feature=colike

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