Fashion & Style, The Sartorialists — May 19, 2012 at 10:49 pm

Jean Paul Goude-fashion’s iconic image wizard teases us with Candy


Like the majority of fashion followers, I’m a huge Jean Paul Goude fan – his fashion photography over the years has been inspiration to me – from forming Grace Jones’ inimitable style in the 80’s [when she was his girlfriend], to the lithe and strong Naomi Campbell seemingly racing a cheetah in Africa in Vogue [see below], his imagery is iconic and seared into my memory.


Well, Goude recently took on creating the commercial for Prada’s new fragrance Candy.  It stars French ingenue Lea Seydoux and has his typical, savage bent…the movement of the two actors is based on the Apache Dance – a hybrid fight/dance that became popular in Paris in the early 1920’s-30’s.

It’s strange, strong, graphic and a bit dangerous. Just like Goude.  And Prada.