Music — January 8, 2012 at 5:39 pm

Overindulged? Work off that bulge with the best FREE cardio tracks from DJ Earworm!


Confession Time:  I’m an over dancer.  Yes, I over dance.  Too much arm swinging, too much jumping around, too much booty shaking.  My exuberance has led to many a life being lost on the dance floor. [I totally stole that from 4 Weddings and a Funeral.  Google it.]

That being said, I have solved the problem by channeling  my over dancing into my cardio workouts.  I over dance on the treadmill, in the privacy of my own home.

As such, I’m always on the lookout for great cardio tracks [80-120 beats per minute].

My favourite source of FREE, happy, bumping cardio tracks is the incredible DJ Earworm.  He mashes up the most popular pop tracks of the season/year and makes totally addictive [hence his name “Earworm”] tracks that will get you moving.  I love this as I don’t always like the most popular tunes of the year and yet, when Earworm mixes them, I always love his tracks…  He also produces really high-quality videos of each of the mashups…I LOVE this guy!

And everything he produces he makes available as FREE mp3 downloads from his website.  What’s not to love?

Visit: DJ Earworm’s website for the free downloads, or just to watch the awesome videos he makes of his mash ups.


So work off the holiday booze and goodies and move your stagnant liver qi with some good, old dance music!!!  I promise I won’t come to your home and over dance in your living room.

Here’s this year’s BRAND NEW 2011 United States of Pop/World Go Boom mashup.  Get ready to shake what your momma gave ya…. 🙂